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               Story of India offers highly individualized special-interest tours to India. Our specialist itineraries are meticulously planned after exhaustive discussions on the most-suitable and best available options for your peculiar travel needs and are rooted in knowledge of each destination and the subject matter. Besides following a subject, the focus of our itineraries is to take you behind the scenes and connect you with real people which will leave an indelible impression and create lifelong memories.

We have a strong base in the Indian Universities and our tours are led by experts on various fields (who are typically research scholars, having passed PhD or pursuing PhD, or are published writers/journalists on the concerned subjects) who will assist you every step of the way, enhancing your experience and helping you learn and explore India’s multi-faceted culture.

Story of India is run by people with academic background, an intense spirit of travel and passion for India. We pride ourselves in providing well-researched products and flawless execution on the grounds. Our team is experienced and equipped to look after individual private travel to small group explorations to large study tours.

With a collective experience of decades in organising travel related services in India, we have our own massive operations infrastrcuctre in India with headquarters in New Delhi and representative presence in over 30 cities.

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