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               A Special-Interest tour with Story of India is a unique experience. The ‘difference’ emanates from the academic background that some of the key team members have and the passion for India that all at Story of India share.

The palpable difference is reflected right from the first communication with our consultants wherein you would receive comprehensive and well thought out replies. We are rather old-fashioned and insist on devising your holiday after exhaustive discussions on the most-suitable and best available options for your peculiar travel needs. We staunchly believe that your special vacation of learning and discovery cannot be decided just by a ‘click of a mouse’.

  • Story of India is run by people with academic background, an intense spirit of travel and passion for India. We have our own massive operations infrastructure in New Delhi in the North and Cochin in the South as well as a vast network of associate offices in over 30 cities of India.

  • We have direct whole sale rate contracts with hotels across India…a price advantage we extend to our clients.

  • Our large repertoire of knowledgeable guides and research scholars of diverse fields (who are typically research scholars, having passed PhD or pursuing PhD, or are published writers/journalists on the concerned subjects) will ensure that all your questions about this baffling country are discussed and the ‘story of India’ is shared with you.

  • We provide local assistance at almost all cities of India through our network of associate offices.

  • Local guides and naturalists are used for local sightseeing and wildlife viewing so that you can experience and learn from local experts.

  • Efficiency is the key. From that first communication to the end of your tour, our response will be swift, accurate and detailed.

  • There is no compromise on your comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

  • Our specialist itineraries are meticulously planned after exhaustive discussions on the most-suitable and best available options for your peculiar travel needs and are rooted in knowledge of each destination and the subject matter.

  • Besides following a subject, the focus of our itineraries is to take you behind the scenes and connect you with real people which will leave an indelible impression and create lifelong memories.

  • We believe the best way to know a country and people is through close interaction with its popular culture. And therefore, all our special interest tours also offer glimpse of India’s popular culture that is real, intense, interactive and fun.

  • The hotels we use in major cities are some of the best while in smaller places the hotels we use are THE best available. We know them all personally and have worked with them for numerous years.

  • We organise tours for groups of just about any size from two people up to any reasonable number. We also provide fully supported tours for groups, societies and charities.

  • We charge reasonable prices for quality special-interest trips. Our prices are transparent with HOTEL NAMES and INCLUSIONS / EXCLUSIONS clearly mentioned. We do not believe in misleading our clients by ‘lead in’ prices with everything else shown as separately chargeable. We are quite sure no one can offer our quality of tours for better prices.

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